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Beauty and How We Perceive Beauty as Individuals in 2019

Beauty and How We Perceive Beauty as Individuals in 2019

The title of this article probably allows your thoughts to travel immediately to a person who, for you, is attractive, a person who, in your opinion, has beautiful characteristics and a beautiful appearance. Of course, think about the external appearance of this person because that is what we see initially when we meet or greet with someone, it is natural that we focus on their external presence and we almost always talk about Women in this context.

But what is interesting is that what a person thinks is beautiful may be different from what another person thinks is beautiful. Remember this old adage: is beauty is in the eye of the beholder? This is certainly true because each one of us sees beauty differently according to our own criteria. But there is a general perception, a “norm”, so to speak, to which society also adheres.

Appearance Importance:

We know that the world, and probably most, if not all, readers who read this now, feels that their appearance is important. It is probably very important to make sure that your hair is cut and shampooed regularly, that you are looking for the perfect garment, that you are buying beauty and skin care products that look better, even if you pay attention essential.  Some people go a step further in their beauty regimen with facials, body wraps, manicures, etc. In fact, many spend a lot of money on bath products and body products to feel good and fight the ageing process and why not us? And others spend a lot of money on their clothes, all because of their appearance.

Incredible Gift Care:

Our physical body is an incredible gift and we have the responsibility to take care of it. People have different perspectives on what it means because we are all unique beings with our own set of beliefs and truths.

That is why it is really difficult to establish a precise “standard” for what is beautiful and what corresponds to this description. Have not you attended a beauty contest at some point in your life and wondered how one of the candidates is considered beautiful because he does not see it? Once again, it is the uniqueness of each person’s perception.

Beauty Perception:

Here is an example of beauty perception. You know how the dandelion is, I’m sure. It appears everywhere and when it appears on your lawn, it does what it must do to get rid of it since it is commonly called grass. Its yellow flower is attractive, but the plant itself is not exactly what we would call a beautiful plant, and you know you do not want it to spread on your lawn. But let’s take a closer look at the dandelion.

He really has wonderful qualities. It is full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and it has been said that if it were all you had to eat, you could prolong your life. An herbal tea or dandelion tea can help detoxify the liver and other organs of your body and is known to relieve many skin conditions when applied locally. Then we see that beauty is not always what you can visibly recognize.

Habit of humans Focusing on Negative Aspects:

As human beings, we have often conditioned ourselves to focus on the negative. As a result, we tend to focus on what you consider to be a negative aspect of an individual: it can be a big nose or small eyes, or even a scar. Somehow if we are a skinny person, we might think that heavier people are not attractive, whereas a coarser person may think that thin people are not attractive. Once again, it is the perception of each individual that creates the ideal of beauty.

Age effects on Beauty:

We also know that age changes things. The wrinkles and flaccidity of the skin appear and the bodies change. Hair can lose weight or disappear. The beauty of youth has disappeared. It is often disconcerting for mature adults to feel their faded beauty and appeal. Let’s look deeper at a real beauty.


According to Webster, beauty is a quality attributed to what pleases or satisfies the senses or the mind. This may refer to colour, texture, movement, tone, appearance, characteristics, qualities or a high degree of delicacy. The synonyms associated with beauty are attractive, charming, attractive, elegant, glamorous, radiant, charming, beautiful, attractive, and impressive. If we go to the depths of beauty, we find synonyms as precious, meritorious, warm, kind, precious, wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, etc., so it seems that beauty encompasses much more than the outward appearance of a person.

Real Beauty:

At bottom, what we see here is that true beauty comes from a heart that operates out of love because love gives off kindness, appreciation, acceptance, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, patience, respect and expression that elevates us and encourages us.

Our mind is directed at this person because it comes from love, and love is a higher energy that lifts us up. Remember that your essence is love; you come from love, but you forgot about it once you came into this life and accepted the foundation of the fear of the world. Therefore, it is natural that your mind aspires to be in the presence of love with experiences and to love people.

The communication here is to look outside the outward arrival of true beauty. Exterior beauty can fade and change easily due to the ageing process or unexpected experiences, but the inner beauty of a person remains even for years of maturity and/or unexpected circumstances. When you remember and remember someone, it is his kindness, affection, or expressions of love (or lack thereof) that hold much more than the beauty of his face. Moreover, the spirit of love of those you remember or know now shines through their being, so their outward appearance is more beautiful.

Look inside yourself now to see what is most important by your standards. Does he just focus on the outward appearance or does he see the true beauty of an individual.? What do others see in you.? Do you discharge love to everybody in your life.? Is this what they remember.? We all have incredible value. We all have many aspects of beauty and we all have the potential to share the love. All it takes is that we open our eyes to see it.! Are you one of the beautiful people?

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