Depression Explained and What We Can Do to Prevent It in 2019

Depression Explained and What We Can Do to Prevent It in 2019
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Depression Explained and What We Can Do to Prevent It in 2019

A common habit among young people is to use the line “I’m depressed!”. Either when they’re sad or upset people do not realize. Whether More often, we think that depression is just a case of extreme sadness or when we face a tragedy.  So we feel depressed then after a while, it goes away. This is what the general belief is it and is something that can potentially cause extreme harm. Although ruin lives if not treated properly. Given the scale, and let me explain exactly what depression means.

What is depression and why is it caused?

 Basically, depression is a national of being where a person inclines to feel unconditionally empty, anxious and lost. Accordingly, this is the lowest point on the emotional scale. Whether it is characterized.or by a variety of negative feelings such as guilt, helplessness and anger etc.

Extreme Mood:

Depression is much more than a change of extreme mood because it is a behavioural disorder. Like any disorder, accordingly requires treatment. No matter how happy a person may be then if they suffer from depression, they should be treated.


– Depression should not be confused with sadness. Sadness is an emotion. It is probably painful and negative. But nowhere is it more serious than depression.

Reasons Behind Depression:

– Depression can be initiated by a diversity of reasons. Some of the most common events include childhood trauma, sexual abuse, family pressure, etc.

– Some other reasons may include important events, such as labour, menopause, any medical diagnosis, etc.

Depression Cases:

– Among adolescents, the greatest number of cases of depression is due. To the rejection of society, intimidation, peer pressure, etc.

– Certain medications, such as anti-hepatitis C medications, sleeping pills, hypotensive drugs, etc. They can also cause depression. These cases are known as depression of medical origin.

– The abuse of psychoactive substances, narcotics, etc. It is another important cause of depression.

Types of depression

Major depression

This is the best-known type of depression. It is also called major depressive disorder. This may be due to an important event or even a series of minor events or problems. A person is diagnosed as a major depressant. If they have symptoms of depression (listed below) for more than two weeks.

Persistent depressive disorder

If a person has been suffering from depression for more than 2 years. We are talking about a persistent depressive disorder. Although the cause of depression may be the same as major depression. For some reason, a person cannot overcome it. Previously, the MP was known as dysthymia.

Manic depression

Manic depression is more usually recognized as a bipolar disorder. In the case of bipolar disorder. A person experiences extreme mood swings. Ranging from the incredible maximum to the minimum depressive. The person cannot control their behavioural and can take drastic measures. Manic depression is one of the most severe forms of depression.

Seasonal affective disorder

It is a form of seasonal depression, especially during winters. People with seasonal depression are struggling to cope with the lack of sunlight. That is why, during the winter, its peaks of depression.

Psychotic depression

People with psychotic depression experience symptoms similar to depression. As well as psychotic symptoms. Such as hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, etc.

Postpartum depression

This is the form of depression that women experience immediately after giving birth. This could happen due to an overwhelming experience. Excessive attention to the newborn, etc. The types mentioned above are. The six most commonly diagnosed types of depression in men. Although the impact and treatment of these forms of depression may differ. The symptoms are similar to most of them. The most common symptoms are listed below.

Symptoms of depression

  • Lack of appetite or excess of appetite.
  • Lack of interest in activities you have done in the past.
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • insomnia (insomnia) or excessive sleep
  • tired
  • imprudent behaviour
  • Thoughts of death, suicide, etc.
  • You hate yourself or hate yourself
  • Inexplicable guilt and anger.
  • Cry for no reason, easily upset.

Of the above-mentioned symptoms. If there are five. Which include lack of interest. ideas of death, persist for one week. It is advisable to consult a general practitioner then a counsellor or a psychiatrist appropriate. Self-medication should be avoided at all costs and. If the doctor has prescribed it. It should never be interrupted unless the doctor has specifically indicated it.

There Are Two Main Types Of Depression: Reactive And Organic

Reactive depression results from a specific incident or loss. For example, Your home is on fire or your spouse dies. Reactive depression is self-limiting. It is with or without treatment, it will finish. Maybe in weeks, maybe months. Sometimes a year or more postpartum depression is an example of. This type of depression that ends automatically and for a limited time.

Treatment for Organic Depression:

Organic depression comes from within. This cannot be attributed to specific trauma or loss. The usual treatment is medical treatment because. The depressed person is supposed to have a “chemical imbalance”. Little attention is given to the possible causes of this imbalance. Only to overcome the imbalance with other chemicals. One possible cause is being abused as a child. Even if she has been bullied. This can lay the foundation for an eruption of loss. And hopelessness in adulthood. Especially if your mother has abused you.

Treatment Without Medicans:

However, psychotherapy and hypnosis help people. Get out of depression With or without medication. In fact, according to the latest issues of the journals Skeptical Inquiry and Psychology Today. Half of the depressed patients. Who are prescribed antidepressants receive no medication?

Individuals vary in what they suffer under the title of “depression“. It logically follows that the treatment must be personal. And adapted to the person.

Treatment of Anxiety:

There are similarities with depression. With the features and treatment of anxiety. Nutrition is often overlooked. When it comes to anxiety or depression. Individual reactions to foods and liquids vary. Although most people become more depressed. When they consume alcohol or drugs, others do not. And some people flourish by eating turkey (for example). While others feel very bad an hour after eating it.


The only way to know which foods encourage. And which ones (sorry for the pun). To create or deepen depression is to experiment. Take notes on your reactions to specific foods. Exercise is presented as a cure for depression. This “circulates the blood” and thus helps the depressed person to feel better physically. In fact, by taking any action, an action is the key to solving depression.

This action can be physical or mental, or both. It will be a success as long as. It involves changing the habits of a depressed person. Labels have a horrible habit of sticking to a person. Once labeled “depressed”.  A patient may have difficulty removing the label because of friends. Family and colleagues continue to tag it long after the depression has ended.


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