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Ear Nose and Throat Surgery and Some Remedies for ENT Complications in 2019

The field of Otolaryngology (Ear Nose & Throat Surgery ) describes a delicate medical field that deals with an important system of our body, as well as disorders of the head and neck. Any ENT condition can cause severe pain in many places. It can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage and even cause respiratory problems.

Simple and common diseases, such as chronic earaches, colds, sinus problems and sore throats, cause misery to millions of people. People get used to these conditions and forget to breathe without congestion or live without chronic sinus pain. The reason is that they often treat their illness in time, believing that they have no other choice.

Well, for some chronic diseases, there are solutions and surgery can be one. If it is a tonsillectomy, sinus surgery, ear implants, etc., many ENT procedures can help chronic patients. The problem arises when the patient cannot be operated on and does not improve their quality of life.

This may be due to:

  • High medical bills
  • Lack of adequate medical insurance (or none)
  • Long waiting lists for surgery

People travel abroad to perform different types of medical surgeries as part of the global medical tourism industry.

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Medical Tourism

The term medical tourism is equivalent to describing the phenomenon of patients crossing national borders to undergo surgery or various medical treatments. As we explained above, the medical tourist will look for a realistic option for medical treatment abroad because he cannot receive it locally. As you can think of certain types of surgery, patients will travel around the world for any type of medical procedure available. Cardiac surgery, replacement orthopedic surgery, treatments for cancer, non-urgent cosmetic surgery, etc. They have become accessible abroad thanks to the rapid improvement of means of transport and the fact that the Internet has done everything possible to get closer to a simple click of the mouse.

People travel to receive treatment in countries like Mexico, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Malaysia and even Australia, Germany and Israel, countries with health care systems and hospitals comparable to those in the United States. This can be for simple or complex surgery, diagnosis and the second opinion, extended treatments and more. This also includes, of course, ENT surgeries.

ENT Surgery Abroad

There are many types of Ear, nose and throat conditions that can be recommended for surgery (also after the failure of more traditional treatment methods or drugs). This may include surgery to repair the patient’s breasts, hearing aids (repair of a cochlear implant or eardrum), treatment of ear infections (eyelid insertion), or removal of ear infections, tonsils, polyps or glands. Regardless of the ENT surgery, patients can opt for the operation abroad instead of doing it in their own country. This also includes pediatric surgeries. At a time when medical deficiencies are constantly decreasing, a patient can receive the same care at much lower prices.

So, how are you going to ask about this possibility? Everything is available online. The patient (or the parents of a patient) can do the research themselves and search for the preferred destination country, a reliable hospital and an experienced surgeon, or contact a professional medical tourism facilitator to help them answer any questions. Your questions Need Preferences and accompany them. They went through their medical trip.

Surgery abroad

If, for example, a patient travels to a Latin American country for a sinusitis operation, he will go to the hospital where the attending physician will accept it. He will review all the details of the procedure and send it. In the preliminary tests appropriate for surgery. The surgery will be performed a few days after arrival, followed by the recovery period in an appropriate recovery center. Of course, the patient will receive specific orders from the surgeon, postoperative medications and follow-up instructions.

One of the benefits of medical tourism is that the option to travel after surgery and the recovery process ends if the patient decides. You can also enjoy a relaxing vacation or adventure after the end of the recovery period. Therefore, the next time you hear about an ENT surgery candidate looking for alternative options, you may want to recommend the medical tourism option, which may be suitable for the patient.

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Time To See Your Ear, Nose, And Throat Medical Doctor

It is essential to consult a specialist ear, nose and throat, these three organs fulfilling some of the most important functions. These organs are mutually exclusive and are responsible for balance, smell, swallowing, nutrition, hearing and speech. Although these three organs have different functions and exist individually, a small problem in one can disturb others. ENT specialists have become indispensable in identifying the delicate interconnection between the three organs.

Most people associate otorhinolaryngology (ENT) with ear treatment, sinusitis, hearing loss, eye or speech infections, the research study ENT also includes conditions such as cancer of the head/neck.

Symptoms that confuse people

Symptoms such as dizziness, nausea or dizziness, although the common symptoms of Ear, nose and throat complications may not be due to a problem with the ears, nose or throat. They could be the result of

  • Certain types of movements
  • Elongated positions
  • The  environment

In such cases, ENT specialists have difficulty diagnosing the problem in the absence of complete history and history of the patient. Therefore, people who consult Ear, nose and throat specialists should always explain the specific situations that triggered the complication.

Some Remedies for ENT Complications

ENT complications, such as dizziness or vertigo, can sometimes be treated with herbal supplements or over-the-counter or prescription medications. Some of them include:

Ginger: It’s one of the best home remedies. Just chew it raw or suck ginger pills.

Sea Bands: Using a sea band around the wrist can help. It is known that marine tapes use the principles of acupuncture to help stop nerve signals in the brain that induce the symptom of nausea. These bands can also be effective in treating vertigo.

Promethazine: This is one of the best drugs for vertigo and its effects last up to 8 hours. Inappropriately, promethazine has the unwanted side result of drowsiness.

Scopolamine covers: Are glue patches for the forearm. They work by releasing small doses of scopolamine, known to fight motion sickness but also recognized for its purgative result.

Zofran: a medicine against nausea, we know that Zofran stops vomiting. However, this does not diminish the disease or the feeling of disorientation. Side effects may include dry mouth, blurred vision, and drowsiness.

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