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Flu and Natural Flu Remedies of the Past and With Modern Technology 2019

Natural flu remedies must be used before they collapse due to the weakness caused by the flu. It is correctly said that preclusion is better than cure. Here we will provide valuable information on effective techniques for preventing and curing the influenza virus. The flu vaccine does not provide guaranteed protection against the flu. According to some experts, influenza vaccines may do more harm than good. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid the flu by using some important natural flu remedies.

Facts to remember concerning the flu and natural flu remedies. Influenza/flu can be dangerous but you can reduce the symptoms if treated correctly.  Majority of affect people recover soon with the help of natural flu remedies. You can prevent yourself from getting flu by boosting your immune system, minimizing your exposure to the flu virus and covering yourself in order to fight it off. There are several natural remedies that provide relief from the flu. Search for herbs that have a positive effect on your health.  Some natural remedies are expensive and have no effect on a person’s health.

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Here are some tips on preventing yourself from contracting the flu with the help of natural flu remedies. If you wish to stay fit and prevent yourself from catching flu, then you have to increase your immune system, stay away from harmful bacteria and germs and last but not the least eat healthily.

Get plenty of rest and sleep well. Good sleep helps in proper functioning of the immune system that helps in increasing possibilities of preventing yourself from flu. It’s necessary to take 7 to 8 hours of sleep for maintaining good health. If your body is the week it won’t be able to fight against flu virus or other infections.

Regular exercising is also very important. Exercise is good in order to maintain a strong immune system. Researchers have found that exercising can help individuals to fight against the flu virus. Exercising helps in staying fit and healthy.

Avoid sugar intake as much as possible. Sugar should be avoided when you are a week or unfit because it damages your immune function, making you more and more prone to flu infection. Intake of sugar hurts your immune function for a long period of time.

Drink a lot of water once you have the flu. To fight the flu virus, you must keep your mucous membrane well hydrated. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day it will help you in keeping yourself healthy.

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Free yourself from stress. Stress usually causes a harmful impact on your health and in a long way you may be susceptible to flu infection. According to researchers stress to some extent is responsible for illness and disease. So to reduce the stress you must daily exercise, sleep and meditate properly.

Frequently wash your hands, especially during flu season. After touching anything in public, wash your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Be sure to wash thoroughly and rinse well. Keep hands away from your face and head because flu virus can enter into your body through eyes, nose and mouth.

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Eat foods that are healthy and at the same time which boost the immune system. A healthy diet along with immune boosting foods is the best way to increase the immune system in your body and prevent flu. Some of the immune-boosting foods that fight infections are fresh fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients that support your immune system and lessen the vulnerability to the flu virus. Garlic has an antiviral property that helps in prevention against the flu virus. Garlic helps in fighting the flu virus and increasing the immune system. Green tea should be consumed 3 to 6 times daily during winter to kill viruses and charge immune system to fight against flu infections. Cayenne Pepper is very beneficial for your health because it contains vitamin A that is considered to be a main “anti-infection” nutrient. It is also a mild immune-booster.

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Fresh air helps your body to relax. The virus affects usually when you are in crowded or public places like malls, cinema halls, and marketplace or such place where ventilation is not up to the mark. At the crowded place you must prevent yourself with the help of natural flu remedies.

Staying indoors with heaters on, can dry up your mucus membrane and make you more susceptible to the virus. So, fresh air is a major requirement for your body to stay fit. Sauna relaxes your total body parts. In the sauna the air you breathe in is very hot for flu viruses to stay alive. It also helps in relaxing the nasal passage.


You should avoid alcohol during winter when flu viruses are more active. Alcohol harms liver as well as weakens the immune system of your body. You become highly accessible to flu viruses and infections when your immune system is weak. The major drawback of alcohol is that it dehydrates your body which bad for your health. Avoid cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking dries out your nasal and paralyzes the small hairs in your nose and lungs that help in virus prevention.


Basically, there is no permanent cure for flu, but there are of course natural flu remedies that can minimize the virus attacks. Natural flu remedies work best if used before flu symptoms get worse. By putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears you can easily prevent the flu virus from spreading. This solution kills the deadly flu virus cells before they could multiply in large numbers and spread. Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic as well as an antiviral stuff. It destroys the enzyme that is essential for harmful bacteria and viruses in order to survive. If colloidal silver is consumed soon after symptoms of infection appear, then it is possible to eradicate flu infection in a very less time. Elderberry has an antioxidant, antiviral and immune boosting property that fights illness. Elderberry extract is used to eradicate flu infection in a very less time.


Today there is also a homoeopathic natural flu remedy and preventative that is formulated each year for the current strain under doctor supervision. This new formulation when used during flu season will help protect from contracting the flu. This same formulation since it is created according to the current strain it also helps you heal quicker and recover faster if you catch the flu. Between the old natural flu remedies and modern technology we now have several options available rather than relying just on the flu vaccine.

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