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Skin Health Explained and The Importance of Skin Health 2019

Skin Health Explained and The Importance of Skin Health 2019

Among the many ageing processes, one of the biggest misunderstandings about healthy skin is that we tend to work alone in an area to solve a skin problem. This tunnel vision for healthy skin distorts the simply available responses and makes the process of understanding the health of the skin very complex. To begin with, your skin covers your entire body on the outside and, what is more surprising, on the inside. Yes, there is a lot of skin and more internally, and with that in mind, we should consider a holistic approach to ageing and cell mutations due to DNA damage and gene expression.

First, take the first steps and consider a big problem:

we do not take care of our inner skin. Our gastrointestinal tract, intestines. And intestines are areas that we cannot see, so why worry.? Most people do not even know how to treat these areas. We prescribe medication to solve the problem once it happened. Would not it be better to prevent internal skin problems?

The answer is:

Of course! We need to use prevention programs that support and protect these important areas. In terms of topical skin, scientists reveal that after 30 years. The body begins to reduce collagen production at a rate of 1.5% per year. When you are 40 years old, your body has lost 15% of collagen. And after 50 years it has already lost 30% and so on. Like our stocks of stem cells from the bone marrow. This type of reduction occurs, causing the dysfunction of ageing.

Cellular Dysfunction:

As you age, age begins with cellular dysfunction and your skin ages. And wrinkles, tissues weaken and the ageing process accelerates. The good news is that we can now participate in elaborate prevention plans. That repair and renew the skin, including gene expression, etc. By providing the body with daily core components. The production of collagen can also improve, reducing. The visible signs of injury and damage. Ageing of the skin.

Skin Health Treatment:

Research has shown that the triple helix collagen chain is composed of the amino acids proline, lysine, glycine and vitamin C. In addition to certain bioactive agents available in some treatments for the skin health. They could activate the body’s own mechanisms to continue functioning.  It produces collagen. In addition, these amino acids are available in high quality peptide colostrum. These bioactive ingredients can support nutritional values at the cellular level.

Reduce Ageing Process:

It goes much further than skin cells and cell nutrition. Our body needs the right signals to perform the repair work in progress. The key organs must work together to support the body and distribute large building blocks. That provide energy, remove cellular debris, signal virus attacks. And respond with the proper defences. This important balance of bioactive assets. And nutrients can help the body reduce the ageing process.


The new knowledge available in carefully selected and carefully researched articles show. The elements that make up and provide oxygen to life, glucose, lipids, and proteins and trace metals. Proteins, in particular, tend to undergo destructive changes with age. Mainly due to oxidation and interactions with sugars or aldehydes. These interdependent modifications of the protein include oxidation, carbonylation, cross-linking, glycation. And formation of the final product of advanced glycation (AGE). See your body as a work in progress. And understand the many facets of (AGE) as we know them. The basic building blocks or their absence will appear inside or outside in the form of skin health.

Avocado and Skin Health

It is known that avocados are excellent sources of vitamin E. However, health warnings for avocados and diseases can be obtained by eating avocado or drinking avocado shakes. Vitamin E is very vital for normal bodily functions. It is considered an effective antioxidant. Antioxidants are supposed to protect polyunsaturated fatty acids. From the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals and unwanted toxins are obtained from food, and our body absorbs. When situations get worse, these free radicals can trigger cancer and other diseases.

Sun Protection:

Avocado and skin health are linked to the most effective sun protection benefits. Compared to jojoba, coconut, olives, apricot kernels and apricot kernels. The oil of sesame avocado extract is good for hardening the skin by triggering the production of collagen. This means that your wrinkles are reduced and your complexion improves. Compared with soybean oil, olive oil or almond oil can be used. To provide the best nutrition and nutrients from the outer layer of the skin. In addition to vitamin E, avocado also contains a high amount of vitamin C. Which is necessary for the optimal production of collagen. The collagens are responsible for the development of new cells. And new tissues that prevent the entry of viruses and bacteria.

Improvement in the brain and Nervous System:

Avocado also provides a substantial amount of thiamin. That modifies carbohydrates into glucose to improve brain. And the nervous system functions. Riboflavin is also present in avocados. Which is actually a catalyst to release energy from good fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Tips on the health of the skin and avocado that you should eat regularly. It will help moisturize your skin. It works as a facial mask that improves the texture of the skin. The avocado flesh should be rubbed against clean skin. And left for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. Naturalists have adopted this strategy for skin care. A survey indicates that regular consumption of avocados helps reduce cholesterol. Avocado can contain a large number of monounsaturated fats. That can reduce the presence of a solid compound in the body and blood.

Vitamin C:

The vitamin C present in the avocado is useful to reduce inflammation of the skin. Especially when exposed to the sun. The articles on avocado and skin health have a strong presence of fibre and many vitamins. It has been outlined by the potassium component. According to the surveys. The fat contained in avocados is beneficial. To create a body balance to obtain more nutrients. By taking into account the beneficial vitamins. And benefits to reduce avocado cholesterol, you will not be able to eat it.


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